Google Wave Dev Halted

So one of the big tech news stories today is that Google has ceased any future development of Wave, and will be shutting the service down entirely sometime near the end of the year.

The response I’ve seen the most is “duh” or “about time,” citing how few people used, or even understood how to use, the system. Personally, I always figured it was more of a test-bed for Google to develop tools and features that would find their way into other products like Docs, Gmail, Voice, and so on. I never expected it to gain a healthy base of users beyond developers and tech geeks who wanted to see a hint of the latest and greatest coming from the Google campus.

Apparently my conception of Wave was pretty different from that of whoever writes the checks at Google, since they’re shutting it down. They did say that existing Wave technologies will find their way into other products, but it will not continue to serve as an incubator for future technologies.

You can read the official announcement at the Official Google Blog and see plenty of 140 character opinions with the #googlewave Twitter tag.