Miso: Social TV

Tonight I came across Miso, which is basically Foursquare for TV shows. When you’re watching a show or movie, you “check in” and the show gets added to your profile. You can see what your friends are watching, and conversations can be built off of the check-ins. You also gain badges based on your viewing behavior.

I’ve been musing Boxee to watch TV for the past few months. When I listen to music in Boxee, it logs that data to my Last.fm account. (So does my iPhone, home computer, and work computer.) I’ve had this account for years, and it does a pretty fantastic job of recommending new music to me based on a huge dataset.

I hope that Miso can build a recommendation engine as well. I’d also love to see Boxee integrate Miso as well, so that I can check-in to a show from within the app.

Just a couple things on my wish list. Be sure to check out Miso. Read more at MobileBehavior.

Jimmy Fallon and Joshua Topolsky Talk Palm Pre

Joshua Topolsky, the current editor of Engadget, was a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and he brought along a pre-production Palm Pre to show off. It turns out that Jimmy Fallon is a big gadget geek, and Palm gave Topolsky a Pre to talk about on the show. No new information about the Pre was divulged, but it was fun to see the Pre getting some mainstream exposure. Check out the video below, or see it at NBC’s site.

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March Madness on Joost

Joost March Madness

Joost is using March Madness 2008 to do a large-scale test of live P2P video streaming. I just loaded it up, and I have to say that I’m pretty impressed. I put the feed next to the same game on CableTV, and Joost was only about 5 seconds behind. The resolution wasn’t much compared to even analog cable, but it was certainly good enough to follow the game. You can see a screenshot of the two to the right, Joost is on the left and CableTV is on the right.

Here’s the Joost information page on the March Madness test.