Get Netflix on the Mac

If you have Netflix and a Mac, surely you’ve been frustrated that you’ve been locked out of Watch Instantly since it was launched long ago. Today Netflix started allowing Mac users to opt-in to the Mac streaming beta. To get your account added, head over to and install the Microsoft Silverlight plugin. Apparently there is a 5 device limit to the beta, so keep that in mind as you activate computers. Hopefully it will go away after the beta is over.

Via: VentureBeat

March Madness on Joost

Joost March Madness

Joost is using March Madness 2008 to do a large-scale test of live P2P video streaming. I just loaded it up, and I have to say that I’m pretty impressed. I put the feed next to the same game on CableTV, and Joost was only about 5 seconds behind. The resolution wasn’t much compared to even analog cable, but it was certainly good enough to follow the game. You can see a screenshot of the two to the right, Joost is on the left and CableTV is on the right.

Here’s the Joost information page on the March Madness test.