Jimmy Fallon and Joshua Topolsky Talk Palm Pre

Joshua Topolsky, the current editor of Engadget, was a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and he brought along a pre-production Palm Pre to show off. It turns out that Jimmy Fallon is a big gadget geek, and Palm gave Topolsky a Pre to talk about on the show. No new information about the Pre was divulged, but it was fun to see the Pre getting some mainstream exposure. Check out the video below, or see it at NBC’s site.

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Palm Pre Announced

palm-preI know this is one of 800,000 blog posts about this today, but I felt like this was big enough that I should add to the noise.

When I heard that Palm was going to have a big announcement and this year’s CES, I wasn’t sure if we’d see the revolutionary and promising direction the company needed to stay relevant, or another misstep that would be lost in the noise and seal Palm’s fate for good. I have to be honest, I had my imaginary money on the latter. It wasn’t easy for me to take this stance though. The Handspring Visor Deluxe got me started in the world of PIM, and I didn’t move away from the PalmOS until 5 devices later. Unfortunately, the industry progressed and Palm didn’t.

As the live coverage of the event from Engadget and GDGT progressed I started to believe that Palm was pulling it off. The Palm webOS, from what I can tell, is basically a powerful web browser running applications coded with standard web technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This promises to make application development extremely accessible and quick.

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I Wish: PalmOS Gmail Client

I posted this in the Gmail-Users Group and wanted to echo it here.

Google releasing Google Maps Mobile for PalmOS is one of the best things to happen to the platform in a long time. The app is fast, clean, and stable. With its release my head started spinning as I realized the implications of Google’s interest in the PalmOS platform.

Gmail is accessable through POP of course, but then you lose your ability to star and tag messages. It’s features like these that are, to me, the bread and butter of Gmail. I currently use Opera Mini on my Treo 650 to use the WAP version of Gmail.

What I’d LOVE to see is a PalmOS client for Gmail. Such a client could let us quickly star, tag, and filter our messages. Address fields could auto-fill from our Gmail address book, and the app could even possibly sync our PalmOS address book with our online Gmail address book. Attachments could be sent and saved to and from our memory cards easily.

One of the most exciting things a Gmail client could offer is push e-mail… instant notification of new messages, perhaps based on existing Gmail filters. (Only alert me of messages from my “family” filter) Push Gmail would especially help those businesses that are using hosted Gmail accounts with the Google Apps for Your Domain

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