Mint App for iPhone/Touch

If you know me, you may know how much I love, the financial tracking and organization site. It can automatically import your financial activity from a ton of banks, and does categorization, trending, budgeting, and spending comparisons with users in your area. The downfall, though, has been that Mint has lacked mobile device access. Some of the site could be access, but it was pretty heavy and formatted for a large screen. Also, features like trending are flash based, and wouldn’t work at all.

Mint iPhone App Screenshots

Mint has launched an iPhone/Touch App [iTunes Link] that fills this need, at least for Mobile Safari users. I still hope they launch a more generic mobile site for other device users, or at least native apps for Blackberry and Windows Mobile. As an iPhone user, though, I’m completely elated, as I now have a mobile glimpse at my financial situation.

The app is a bit limited right now, it’s focused purely on viewing data. I’d like to see the ability to edit the categories of transactions instead of just viewing what’s already set. I’d also LOVE to see the ability to add cash transactions from within the app, since that would let you track cash spending in addition to the check/debit/credit transactions that are already tracked. Overall though, the app is a great start, and the limited features it has right now keep the app simple, fast, and easy to use.

Check out the Mint App features page at

Evernote App Adds Location

Note taking tool Evernote has taken a page out of Omnifocus’s book, adding location tagging and filtering to it’s iPhone / iPod Touch application. Now, notes you create with the Evernote mobile app are tagged with your location using CoreLocation. Location (with distance radius) has been added as a filter field for setting up new searches, letting you filter your notes based on this data. For instance, I setup a saved search called “Here” that only returns notes that were created within 1 mile of my current location. This could be used for a location context system, much like the one Omnifocus promotes.

Personally, I still haven’t found a place for Evernote in my every day life, but I’m still excited to see the service grow and mature… it is shaping up to be an impressive product for sure.

Evernote Website

Evernote App [iTunes Link]

Omnifocus for the iPhone/Touch

Driin Mobile Phone Holder

I saw this thing posted on Unclutterer. There are a few charging stations on the market, and I’ve seen some great concepts by design students for this problem, but I’ve never seen one on the market at such a great price. The Driin Mobile Phone Holder is about $8, and looks like it doesn’t take up much room at all. It uses the charger’s brick to hold itself to the wall and holds the device. Cord management is accomplished by just wrapping the cord around the holder.

It wouldn’t be the best solution if you have a ton of devices you need to charge, but I think it would serve as a great home for things like mobile phones, handheld games, or music players. You can pick one up at Amazon.


Raise Me Up – Easy Plugs

I saw this over at the Yanko Design Blog. A very clever solution to a problem that I think we all probably experience, but don’t really consider fixable.

Raise Me Up

Raise Me Up is an electric powerstrip designed to make it easy for one handed operation. Normally you would have to brace a powerstrip with one hand while pull the plug with the other. Raise Me Up uses a simple lever switch to connect and disconnect plugs.

Designer: Yoo-Kyung Shin

Via: Easy Plugs – Yanko Design