Nissan’s Around View Monitor

Nissan’s Around View Monitor IllustrationAutoblog has a post about Nissan’s in-development Around View Monitor technology. The system uses 4 cameras positioned around the car. The feed from each camera is corrected and composited by a computer to produce a bird’s eye view of the space around the car.


Grand Theft Auto 2I can’t help it, but I instantly think of the first generation Grand Theft Auto game, viewing your vehicle from top-down. I wonder if the system will be active while driving at speed… and if it is, I imagine it could lead to some EXTREMELY aggressive lane changes on the interstate.


I’m completely in love with the concept of creating a new view point by compositing several other viewpoints. Using the controlled distortion of specifically designed lenses, you could create some very dramatic views from a system of cameras. I think Nissan is just touching the surface of what’s possible with current technology, and I expect that we will see some amazing things in the near future, whether they are in the automotive industry or not.

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