Multitouch Mouse Prototypes from Microsoft Research

I love the fact that Microsoft is making this research public. These aren’t ready for store shelves, but some of the concepts being explored here are very interesting.

I’ve felt like my laptop trackpad surpassed the functionality of a desktop mouse a while ago. It looks like the mouse, or some other type of input device, will catch up soon and take advantage of all of these new multitouch mechanisms that are being built into modern operating systems.

Solid State Scrolling – The Logitech V500 Mouse

Logitech V500 MouseAlisa and I were walking through Staples this weekend when we naturally wondered into the mouse/keyboard section. Logitech had their own display at the end of the isle on the end-cap. Among the products displayed was the V500 Cordless Notebook Mouse. Marketed for use with a laptop, the V500 is a wireless optical mouse that comes with a compact dongle that stores in the body of the mouse itself. The mouse also has a tilting chassis design for comfort, and something they call an “All-Terrain Optical Engine”, which I supposed lets you use the mouse on a variety of surfaces.What stood out to me though, is the fact that the mouse only has two buttons. It has no scroll wheel. Instead, there is a hump in the plastic between the two buttons with arrows painted pointing forward and back as well as left and right. This mouse uses a solid-state scrolling mechanism. The surface responds to the touch of your finger, and follows it as you move it forward and back or left and right, simulating the action of a scroll wheel. I think this is PERFECT for a laptop mouse. This design eliminates moving parts and openings in the casing for dust and dirt to enter. I’m hoping Logitech will offer a Bluetooth version of the V500, as it would make an excellent mouse for my Powerbook.

You can read more about it at Logitech’s V500 Product Page.