Android on the HTC Wizard

Today I’m messing around with running Android 1.5 on my old HTC 8125 (Wizard). I don’t have the data network working yet, but I can place a call (but no audio) and send text messages. WiFi is also broken. Whenever the screen should go to sleep, instead of a blank screen, you get scrolled terminal text about the screen sleep function. It’s not practical at all, but it sure is fun.

The Wing Linux project makes it all possible.

Having a semi-functional Android phone in my hands is making me want one though. If even just for a functional Google Voice application (which I can’t get on my iPhone… thanks Apple.)


OSX, Windows XP, Linux – Fast OS Switching

This is exactly the setup I want to be using.

It doesn’t get much slicker than that. The machine is using Virtual Desktops (I use Virtual Desktop Manager, I imagine it is probably the same program being used here). You run different OSes in different instances of Parallels, a virtual machine client, in different desktops set to full screen. Macbook Pro, you will be mine soon!

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