Adobe Lightroom: Aperture Alternative

Like most people, I was pretty excited when I heard about Apple’s Aperture photo management/editing program. However, 90% of my photo work is done on my Windows Desktop, as the 12″ display on my Powerbook isn’t all that great for dealing with a lot of high resolution images at one time. The 60gig hard drive is also an issue, compared to the 600+ gigs I have in my desktop.

Today Adobe shed some light my way, with the release of a beta for their Aperture-esque app, Lightroom (free download), as read in this post. Lightroom seems to work in a lot of the same ways as Aperture. Adobe has released it as a public beta for OSX, and a Windows version is on the way. I’ve put the OSX beta on my Powerbook, and it looks like a slick interface. It is cluttered and sluggish on my 12″ though. The big deal for me personally is the promise of a Windows version to follow, because until I get a large Apple Desktop, an Aperture-like program hasn’t been a possibility for me. I’ve been using RAWShooter combined with a manual file management system, but I’m looking forward to the way Lightroom and Aperture use metadata to find images, instead of dates and thumbnails like I currently use. (I should investigate working Picasa into my workflow in the meantime…)

Well that was a bit ranty. In any event, if you’re a photographer using OSX, check out the beta and see what you think. This is our opprotunity to give Adobe feedback on how to make this the best app possible. I’m very excited by what I see right now, and I’m looking forward to the near-future for digital photo management/editing software.

To get much more info on Lightroom than I can give, check out this excellent preview/user-guide.