Download Squad: iPhone open SDK coming after all?

iPhone SmallI was just talking about this, and now Download Squad has a post citing Business Week with speculation that Leopard may indeed bring us an official iPhone SDK.

Sources familiar with the company’s plans tell BusinessWeek.com that Apple will release a software-development kit for the iPhone in early 2008, enabling programmers to create games, business-productivity tools, and countless other applications for the device. Few details are known, but sources say an announcement will come in January, which suggests it may be slated for Jan. 15, when Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs takes the stage at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco.

Business Week: Will Apple Open the iPhone?

It really does seem inevitable that Apple will release a SDK. The novelty of the iPhone is wearing off fast, and customers are getting loud about the fact that they want more than first-party applications. The iPhone as a gimmick isn’t going to sell units much longer. However, building a strong and robust platform for third-party development will. Just look at the PalmOS’s dominance of the PDA market a few years ago.


Apple to ship Leopard on Oct 26th

Mac OS 10.5 Leopard BoxFinally! Apple had said that Leopard (Mac OS 10.5) would be shipping in October a while ago. Originally it was supposed to arrive over the summer, but (supposedly) the pressure to get the iPhone out the door in time pushed developers off of Leopard, and delayed the release. Half way through October we hadn’t gotten any updates from Apple on the release date of the new OS.

The wait for the announcement is over, and now the wait for the release can officially begin. Apple will ship Mac OS 10.5 Leopard on October 26th at 6pm.

Besides all of the new features that this new OS will provide, there are a couple other reasons I’m anxious to get Leopard installed. First of all, the license to use Bootcamp will expire at the end of October. Leopard will feature the final release of Bootcamp, so the new OS is required to keep using it ‘legally’ keep using it, or do any new installations (thanks Trevor).

Leopard and iPhone sync notesSecondly, there have been signs and speculation has been confirmation that the release of Leopard will unlock some new functionality in the iPhone. I’ve also read speculation (that I’m a fan of) that the iPhone’s official API’s may mimic those of Leopard, and that the release of Leopard will eventually deliver us an Official iPhone API for native applications.

Digg has this link to all 300 features of Leopard listed out on one page, so you can spend the next 10 days memorizing the features that you’ll gain once you make the upgrade.

Via: Download Squad and Engadget