Adobe Extending Desktop Applications with Tablets

This is very exciting. Adobe has unveiled concepts that use touch-centric tablet devices to extend asset creation as well as control of their applications.  We’ve all thought about it, we’ve all wished for it, and now it looks like Adobe is rolling it out.

They are starting with Photoshop, releasing a multi-touch paint application, an advanced color picker (with paint mixing), and a UI extender that lets you view open documents or choose tools with the tablet. I’m most excited about the last one, since it will grant notebook users the power of a dual display workstation without the bulk of dual displays. You’ll be able to prop your iPad up on the table and transmit everything wirelessly.

Aweditorium Music Discovery on the iPad

This morning I tried out Aweditorium, a pretty sick music discovery app for the iPad. You start panning over a huge grid of dimmed out artist thumbnails. In the top left you can see dots representing other users, showing you where they are located on the grid in real-time. To start listening to a song, you tab the thumbnail.

Once you’re listening to a song you can view real-time song lyrics, share on Facebook and Twitter, view video interviews, and watch full-screen music videos for the songs. You can always watch Pop-Up-Video style factoids about the artists while you listen. In just a few minutes I had fallen in love with a couple groups I had never heard before.

Aweditorium combines a novel interface with rich media and tons of information about what you’re listening to. It’s a fun and rewarding experience.

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Beautiful Modeler: Multitouch Editor

While it’s not completely practical in its current form, Beautiful Modeler is an interesting study of manipulating 3D data. Personally, I use a Space Navigator, mouse, and keyboard while crunching CAD. Throwing accelerometers and multiple points of input into the mix is enticing. I’m always excited at any chance to move further away from the mouse for analog input.

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