An Eames Primer

An Eames Primer - Cover

An Eames Primer is an excellent book written by Eames Demetrios, grandchild of Charles and Ray Eames. I can’t provide a full book review, as I’m only a few chapters in so far, but I did want to write a quick post about this book. So far I’m really enjoying it. Eames Demetrios has given a perfect mix of name-and-date history and personal antidotes about the lives of these two famous designers. The book is equal parts text and beautiful full color photos with descriptive captions.

The book covers, of course, the Eames’ work in furniture, as well as film, illustration, and presentations, among other things. The author doesn’t just present dry facts and examples though, and attempts to convey personal insight into the theology and methodology behind the duo’s work. The paperback edition can be bought at Amazon for $11, and is really perfect for anyone even remotely interested in learning about two people who did a lot to change the world of applied design.


The Inside Light – Amazing Portraits

Cinco Design and Chris Hornbecker have teamed up to deliver a set of stunning and powerful portraits of designers and artists in the Portland area. Titled The Inside Light, the set seeks to identify the concept that drives each individual, and communicates it by projecting the concept onto the portrait.

I especially love the “Love” photo of Madgesdiq. The way the word is so crisp in his eyes, as well in the brushed steel casing of the mic… it gives me chills.

I was already day dreaming of having a chance to work at Cinco Design, just based on their product design work. This collaboration with a great photographer to create such a great product makes me value them even more. I’m looking forward to future issues of CO.


Thanks for the heads up: Korry Richards

WMF Coffee Pad

I’ve been researching Coffee Makers for a product design studio project I’m working on (shameless portfolio plug), and I ran across the WMF Coffee Pad. “Charming” is the word that pops into my head first, I’m really in love with the design. The use of color to highlight the form of the mug does a great job at putting focus on the item we associate with coffee the most, while letting the machine itself visually fall into the background. It doesn’t seem like an extremely small machine (from the photos) but the visual impact happens where it counts, and I think as a consequence it comes across smaller than it is. Although, I know the white background in the photos from the website are contributing to that effect.

The WMF Coffee Pad won a Red Dot award in 2007. See a lot more information at the official product page.


Chris Bangle Talks about BMW’s GINA

BMW recently unveiled their new GINA concept car. They’ve taken the body panels of the car, typically sheet metal, plastic, or fiberglass, and replaced them with a stretchable cloth. Beneath the cloth there are a series of structural supports that can be moved around, changing the form of the car. These days, the rigidness, safety, and ride quality of a car is mostly affected by the structure of the vehicle, while the skin is mostly aesthetic. In this video, Chris Bangle (Director of Design at BMW) talks through some of the philosophies behind the study, and explains the implications it may have for BMW as a company moving forward. We won’t see it on the road any time soon, but GINA may represent a shift in focus at BMW toward non-traditional solutions to very traditional problems.

Via: Parel Design Blog

Waste Not: Want

BVD Collective, a design team out of Appalachian State University’s Industrial Design department, has some great work on exhibit at New York’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair 2008. They have created several luxury items from 100% post-consumer material. I saw the plastic knife lamp on display at the 2008 SouthEastern IDSA conference, and I’m excited to see it and other pieces get much more national attention. Be sure to check out the BVD Collective website for more information on the project, its origins, and the team behind it, as well as many more photos.

Via: Inhabitat