Adam Moller – Industrial Designer

My buddy @logantv gave me a heads up on Adam Moller’s portfolio. For an inspiration on process and craft, bookmark this site. Adam combines great sketching, clear composition, beautiful photography, detailed physical models, and clean renders to tell the story of his concepts. Dig through the site and take notes, whether you’re looking to improve your design game, or hire for your firm.

Adam Moller – Industrial Designer

Folding Plug by Min-Kyu Choi

Folding Plug

Via Dezeen

Min-Kyu Choi has designed a beautiful solution to a fairly complex problem. He has managed to create a plug for the UK three-pin plug system that folds flat. Even more impressive, the plug can be used while folded flat, so he also created a hub that can power three flat plugs at once. You can check out more photos and descriptions at Dezeen, and the head to Min-Kyu Choi’s personal website.

Folding Plug Unfolded

Trace of Time Clock


Via Gizmodo

I have a real soft spot for clocks… The clock is like the toaster or the chair, it’s an excellent object to flex design muscle, and there’s no shortage of amazing and fun solutions for telling time.

Designer Il-Gu,Cha has come up with a real fun hybrid between a clock and a white board for scheduling. You write in events at the time they need to happen, and as the hour hand of the clock circles the face, it erases the events.

Some day I’ll have a wall full of clocks, and I hope this one will be on there.


Origami by Ryan Tevebaugh

Origami by Ryan TevebaughRyan Tevebaugh (portfolio), an architecture student at NC State University about to enter his fifth year, produced this Origami chair for a furniture design course this spring. In this Flickr set you can see the progression as he moved from Rhino renders to the physical chair he produced in the shop. I love the form and contrast of materials. Be sure to check out the rest of the images on Flickr.

Origami Chair by Ryan Tevebaugh Flickr Photoset