Google Reader Search!

I really haven’t had enough sleep lately… I don’t know how I missed this before. The biggest feature that was added to Google Reader is search! (Finally!) You can narrow searches down by folder, and even specific feed.

There are also some GUI changes, such as being able to hide the left navigation bar with a little arrow, or by hitting U. The screen space will be a welcome addition for when I’m reading through my feeds on my 1024×768 resolution 12″ Powerbook.

Getting Started with Google Reader

I’m constantly talking to my friends about the advantages of using RSS to get your information on the web. I was thinking about writing up a blog post outlining the services and steps to take advantage of RSS, but not 5 minutes after having that thought, I came across a article (in my Google Reader) that does just that.

One of the core technologies behind the Web 2.0 “revolution” is RSS (Really Simple Syndication). Most websites that are updated with any sort of regularity have feeds of at least their headlines, and usually of full articles. Some sites also have secondary feeds listing their comments, videos, links, and other updates as well.

Because RSS is so common these days, keeping up with the rush of information that shapes our lives has become pretty easy (”really simple”, even). Instead of jumping from one site to another, you can keep track of all the content of the sites you visit regularly in one central place.

Link: How to Get Started With Google Reader at