New Gmail Attachments Interface

I was writing an e-mail with some attachments and noticed that Gmail has made some nice tweaks to how attachment uploads are handled. Before, you’d click “add an attachment” which would give a blank form field for filename, and a browse button. Clicking “add another attachment” would give you another blank filename field. Once you hit browse and chose your file the browser would start uploading the attachment in the background. There wasn’t any progress indication though, but you would be able to tell when it was done. Of course, nothing stopped you from hitting send before uploads were done, you’d just have to wait for them to finish before you could move on.

Now, as soon as you hit “add attachment” you get a file browsing box from your OS, without having to click a browse button in Gmail. Once you choose your file, you now get a nice real-time progress bar showing upload progress.

Gmail Attachment Uploads

It’s a small change, but I know it will be welcomed by anyone who deals with attachments frequently. Even when I was a bit confused by the changed behavior, the whole operation still felt quicker and simplier. I love small tweaks like this.

[Update] So I was a couple weeks late on this… check out the Official Gmail Blog post for more details, like how you can select more than one file to attach at once now.

Video: The Gmail Spam Engineers

Every wonder how Gmail’s spam filter does such a great job at catching real spam while minimizing false positives? Google put together a pretty nice video (love the bad music and bad acting) outlining the basic concepts behind how their spam filter works. One thing I didn’t realize… they use optical character recognition to scan inline images to catch image spam. Nice!

Via: Official Gmail Blog


No IMAP, Plenty of ICRY

Gmail LogoAs you may know, Google is adding IMAP access to Gmail. A day and a half later my Gmail account is still IMAP-less. They said it would be happening to all accounts over the next couple of days, so I’m not worried.

What’s interesting to me, though, is that it seems like everyone who didn’t get it immediately still hasn’t gotten it. I’m constantly reading (and posting…) messages on Twitter about accounts getting no IMAP love, still. Even larger sites like Download Squad and TUAW seem to be out in the cold here. I imagine that Google would have to activate the features on a server-by-server basis… but it almost looks like Gmail operates on only 2 servers.

Question to you: If you didn’t get IMAP immediately the other night, have you gotten it since?


Gmail Gets IMAP!

Wayne Sutton brought this to my attention on his blog with a screen shot of IMAP options in Gmail. Does this mean I can finally quit deleting messages twice, once on my phone and once in Gmail? Does this mean my on my iPhone will actually tell me the true number of messages in my inbox? I think so!

Here’s the iPhone/Touch specific setup instructions for the new IMAP Gmail. It’s pretty ironic that now, to set up Gmail on an iPhone, you select other instead of Gmail in the setup wizard.

This has great implications for users of all mail clients, desktop (Thunderbird, and mobile (Mobile Outlook) alike. I don’t mean to be so iPhone focused, but it’s where IMAP Gmail is going to have the most impact for me personally.

It’s not showing up in my options yet, but hopefully it won’t be too long before it does.

Via: Wayne Sutton – w4 Network and Download Squad

New in GMail – "Get mail from other accounts

“”Now Gmail can check for the mail you receive at your other email accounts. You can retrieve your mail (new and old) from up to five other email accounts and have them all in Gmail.” In limited release, but coming soon. Looks cool!”

Yes! This is excellent. I’ve always promoted merging all of your e-mail accounts to Gmail, but many friends couldn’t figure out how to forward e-mail from different accounts to Gmail. Now it won’t be an issue anymore.

Also, I just got some new web hosting, and I can’t get their server-side forwarding to work. Hopefully now I won’t have to mess with it anymore.

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