Origami by Ryan Tevebaugh

Origami by Ryan TevebaughRyan Tevebaugh (portfolio), an architecture student at NC State University about to enter his fifth year, produced this Origami chair for a furniture design course this spring. In this Flickr set you can see the progression as he moved from Rhino renders to the physical chair he produced in the shop. I love the form and contrast of materials. Be sure to check out the rest of the images on Flickr.

Origami Chair by Ryan Tevebaugh Flickr Photoset

An Eames Primer

An Eames Primer - Cover

An Eames Primer is an excellent book written by Eames Demetrios, grandchild of Charles and Ray Eames. I can’t provide a full book review, as I’m only a few chapters in so far, but I did want to write a quick post about this book. So far I’m really enjoying it. Eames Demetrios has given a perfect mix of name-and-date history and personal antidotes about the lives of these two famous designers. The book is equal parts text and beautiful full color photos with descriptive captions.

The book covers, of course, the Eames’ work in furniture, as well as film, illustration, and presentations, among other things. The author doesn’t just present dry facts and examples though, and attempts to convey personal insight into the theology and methodology behind the duo’s work. The paperback edition can be bought at Amazon for $11, and is really perfect for anyone even remotely interested in learning about two people who did a lot to change the world of applied design.

Rox Bench

Designer David Andrew Bottom has built a very clever convertible seating/storage system, Rox Bench. The unit is a 3 seat bench with two end tables. The unit collapses, and the end tables turn into caps, making a storage box. There are also lights inside the bench that are charged through solar panels, so at night you have some nice underlit effects. The build quality looks great with a lot of attention to the details. (I love the hardware used) David, I’m a fan. Check out the Yanko Design post for more photos. I can’t find a website for David.