New Flickr Features: Guest Pass, New Mobile, and Camera Finder

Flickr rolled out three new features today… three features that I’m extremely excited about. They go into detail on The Flickr Blog.

First up is the new Guest Pass, which allows you to e-mail a special link to people that will let them look at specified private photos without having to sign up for a Flickr account and get added to your contacts list. This makes sharing photos with family and friends a TON easier.

Guest passes work with secret links so you can send the link yourself or have us send it for you. When you want to reign things in a bit, you can expire the guest pass at any time.

Second is a new Flickr Mobile site at m.flickr.com. I’ve been using the old Flickr Mobile ever since I got a data plan on my Treo, but it wasn’t nearly as robust as the full site. It was also restricted to old-school Flickr users with non-Yahoo logins. Quite a few new features have been added, but the tables have been turned… old-school users cannot use the new mobile site, as it’s restricted to Yahoo IDs only. Flickr Mobile was the only reason I was holding off on converting my account to a Yahoo login, so now I guess I don’t have any reason to hold out any longer. In fact, I have quite a bit on incentive to switch it.

Third is Camera Finder, a tool to show who’s shooting with what cameras. Graphs show what cameras are getting the most uploads on Flickr, and links send you to the best pictures taken with different models. I see this as an excellent tool for people researching a new camera purchase. (Right now the XT is completely killing it in the popularity category!)

It was a good day for Flickr.