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I don’t do a whole ton of photo uploads from my iPhone to my Flickr account, so I haven’t messed with many dedicated uploader applications. Instead, I use the “secret” e-mail address you get for your account, and I send the photos through Mail.app. However, after checking out the beautiful Flickit application I think I’m going to convert over to a dedicated app!

Check out the video demonstration at the Flickit Website. The application is quick, extremely polished, and feature rich. You can even geotag a photo with your current location with the press of a button. Setting privacy is a must-have, and is very easy to set in this app.

You an grab Flickit for free from the iTunes App Store [link]

Stick Figures in Peril

Stick Figures in Peril Photo Pool

Stick Figures in Peril is one of my favorite Flickr groups. I figure it takes out two birds with one stone. You get to see an endless number of approaches for designing icongraphy that can communicate concepts internationally without words… surely a great intellectual excersize for anyone in graphics and design. Second, some of the images are just halarious, and some border on  excessive. Check out the group and be sure to contribute if you have any great perilous photos of your own!

Flickr Tags Picnik for Photo Editing

Picnik and FlickrTechCrunch is reporting that Flickr has tagged Picnik as it’s official and integrated photo editing service. Soon, Flickr users will have a “edit photo” button on photo pages, which will then launch the photo in Picnik’s flash-based photo editing software. Free account users will have the edited photo added to their photo stream, while Pro users will have the edited photo replace the original.

Photo rotation was a welcome addition a while ago, but full editing capabilities will be awesome, especially for casual photographers who use Flickr as more of a personal blog than professional portfolio. I haven’t tried Picnik yet, but it looks like I’ll be using it soon enough.

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Release – A Great Photo

I just wanted to make a quick photography post. This photo was posted to Flickr by my buddy James (PolarRoadKill on Flickr). It has so many elements in it that are right, I almost can’t stand it.

First of all, the tones are excellent. A great Black and White conversion. I personally have trouble creating a shot with nice contrast without blowing highlights out. James accomplishes it nicely, and consistently across this set of beach photos.

The composition is excellent… with the main subject right on the 2/3 vertical line.

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Flickr Boosts Upload Limits

Happy Holidays from Flickr… this is excellent news.

Beginning this month all Pro account will have totally unlimited storage and bandwidth. While probably only a fraction of Pro users were bumping up against the old 2GB-per-month upload limit, who can argue with unlimited? Free users have cause to celebrate, too: The per-month upload limit for free accounts has been bumped up to 100MB, a 500% increase over the previous 20MB limit.

I come no where close to hitting the 2gig upload limit as a Pro user, but it’s still nice to know that things are completely unlimited now. However, the upload increase for free users is a very big deal in my opinion. The 20meg upload bandwidth imposed on free users was really too restricting to be very useful for most people that I talked into signing up. 100meg should make things a lot more fun for new users.

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