Yip: Growl Notifications for Firefox

If you’re using a Mac, and you’re not using Growl, you should go grab that right now. I’ll wait until you come back to continue.

Great, now that you have Growl installed, I want to tell you about the Yip Firefox extension. Yip lets you get Growl notifications from websites that have  notifications enabled using the Prism and Fluid (those are apps that let you run websites as if they were desktop applications) APIs. I found out about the Yip plugin from the Meebo blog, and Meebo seems like one of the web apps to benefit most from Growl notifications.

So head over to the Yip homepage and install the plugin to see what sites are pushing notifications that you didn’t even know about.


Download Firefox 3

Today is Download Day for Firefox 3. The official release is out today, and the Mozilla Foundation is trying to break a record for downloads in a 24 hour period. First of all, you should get Firefox 3 because it’s faster, more stable, and more feature rich than Firefox 2. I’ve been running a couple of the release candidates for a few weeks and I have noticed a huge difference over Firefox 2. While you’re helping yourself, you can help Firefox get publicity by downloading today and contributing toward reaching the record.

You can head over to www.spreadfirefox.com for more information and a download link. As of writing this (9:20am EST) the download link still goes to Firefox 2. I believe that Firefox 3 officially launches at 1pm EST.


Google Browser Sync Discontinued

I’ve been using Google Browser Sync for a while now. It syncs your bookmarks, cookies, saved passwords, and open window sessions across multiple computers (and multiple operating systems). Unfortunately, the plugin doesn’t work in Firefox 3, and many users have been anxiously waiting for an update. A Lifehacker.com reader shared the reply e-mail he received from Google when he contacted them about Firefox 3 support for the Google Browser Sync plugin.

Thanks for trying out Google Browser Sync and for all of your feedback. It was a tough call, but we decided to phase out support for Browser Sync. Since the team has moved on to other projects that are keeping them busy, we don’t have time to update the extension to work with Firefox 3 or to continue to maintain it.

The e-mail goes on to suggestion Mozilla Weave, Google Toolbar (for syncing just bookmarks online), and the Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer plugin as replacements. I gave Mozilla Weave a shot last week, but it is in very early development and was far from stable enough for use. I’ve heard great things about Foxmarks, but like Google Toolbar, it doesn’t syncronize cookies, saved passwords, or window sessions. Weave is the only viable solution for my needs, so I’m hoping it will mature quickly and reach a stable release soon.

Google Browser Sync was a really great product, and it’s a shame to see it go. Google says that it will support current users until the end of 2008. Of course, I’m guessing that most Firefox users will be upgrading to Firefox 3 long before that (like June 17th).

Via: Lifehacker.com

Meebo Firefox Sidebar Plugin

In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I’m in love with Meebo. Meebo is a web based, multi-service instant messenger client. In addition to the usuals like AIM, Yahoo, and MSN, it also lets you use MeeboMe to let web visitors communicate with you directly in real time. I use it on my design portfolio website, and it has actually led to employment from someone who was checking out my work!

The folks over at Meebo have kept development impressively fast paced, adding new features constantly. Now they’ve developed a Firefox Plugin that adds Meebo to your Firefox browser as a sidebar. Chats still happen in a Meebo tab.

My friend Brian actually moved all of his IM communication, both desktop and laptop, over to Meebo. He gave the plugin a shot tonight and came away pretty underwhelmed. He brought up a good point… if the chats have to happen in a browser tab anyway, why not just load the normal Meebo page in that tab and use it as normal?

Can anyone see the benefit of the sidebar plugin? At any rate, I’m excited to see more development from the Meebo team, and I’m sure this is mostly an exercise for them to move outside of the confinements of the browser tab. I expect we’ll see much more down the road.

Via: Download Squad