POV Parking Garage Signage

I’m sure you’ve seen the 3D sidewalk art photos that have hit every inbox at least three times in the last couple years. Axel Peemoeller has taken the concept of point-of-view dependent imagery and applied it to provide directional guidance in a parking garage. Check out all of the photos on his page documenting the Eureka Carpark he designed while at Emery Studio. I’d totally park here. Actually, I’d just drive in and out of it all day.

Via @quidquid

“Curvy Stuff” Solidworks Tutorials

DiMonte Group LogoI just started up a new job as an industrial designer at a consumer good company. I’ve been using Rhino3D for surface modeling as my primary tool for the last few years, so jumping back to the solids world after a break has felt a bit like turning my brain around in my skull. I’ve been scouring the internet for good solids modeling resources the past few days to try to get back in the game.

Today I found a set of great presentations from Ed Eaton at DiMonte Group. Ed has been giving a series of “Curvy Stuff” instructional talks at Solidworks World over the past few years, and lucky for us, the presentations and example files are all archived on DiMonte Group’s website!

So if you spend time in Solidworks and you haven’t seen these presentations, grab the RAW files and brew a new pot of coffee.

Multitouch Mouse Prototypes from Microsoft Research

I love the fact that Microsoft is making this research public. These aren’t ready for store shelves, but some of the concepts being explored here are very interesting.

I’ve felt like my laptop trackpad surpassed the functionality of a desktop mouse a while ago. It looks like the mouse, or some other type of input device, will catch up soon and take advantage of all of these new multitouch mechanisms that are being built into modern operating systems.