HTC Flyer – Sketcher’s Dream?

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HTC has announced the Flyer, a 7″ Android tablet. HTC’s first entry into the tablet market is pretty unique, in that it features a pressure sensitive stylus on top of the (now) standard capacitive screen.

If the stylus can work smoothly enough, and programs like Sketchbook Mobile can find their way onto the device optimized for the stylus input, this may be a mobile dream come true for sketchers and artists.

Via Engadget


Engadget has posted more about the technology being used in the touch panel for the Flyer, as well as a quick video showing it in action.

Google Maps Navigation

We all saw this coming… but I didn’t think it would be this feature rich right out of the gate. Google has launched a beta of Google Maps Navigation on the new Verizon Droid Android phone. It has a ton of great features, like using streetview to show you what turns look like as well as what your destination looks like. It is only on the Droid right now, and will be released for other Android handsets in time. Whether it makes its way to other platforms like the iPhone, Windows Mobile, or Blackberry… I don’t know. It is certainly a strong selling point for the Android platform if it stays exclusive.


Android on the HTC Wizard

Today I’m messing around with running Android 1.5 on my old HTC 8125 (Wizard). I don’t have the data network working yet, but I can place a call (but no audio) and send text messages. WiFi is also broken. Whenever the screen should go to sleep, instead of a blank screen, you get scrolled terminal text about the screen sleep function. It’s not practical at all, but it sure is fun.

The Wing Linux project makes it all possible.

Having a semi-functional Android phone in my hands is making me want one though. If even just for a functional Google Voice application (which I can’t get on my iPhone… thanks Apple.)

ocell.net Mobile

ocell.net Mobile

Lately I’ve been working on making my websites more accessible for advanced mobile devices. I started with an iPhone theme for my blog, then got my industrial design portfolio mobile. Last weekend I sat down and tried to tie it all together.

Now my main www.ocell.net landing page is very mobile friendly thanks to the iWebKit development package. This links to my design and photography portfolios which are mobile thanks to iShowPro. I used to use iWPhone to format my WordPress blog (what you’re reading now) for the iPhone, but when I realized it wasn’t testing for the Palm Pre and Android browser user agents I went out in search of an alternative. Now I am finally on the WPtouch bandwagon, and I have to say, I’m extremely impressed. In fact, the WPtouch version of this blog has more functionality than the desktop version… something I hope to address in the future.

ocell.net mobile on a Palm Pre

Also, thanks to @vara411 for confirming that the mobile version of www.ocell.net does load properly on a Palm Pre. The phone call link even launches the Pre’s phone app. You have to love when standards are honored across platforms.

Part of my focus on getting the loose ends tied on my mobile interface is because of the 2009 IDSA National Conference in Miami next week. I’m hoping that having a viable mobile site will give people an easy way to see my work and interests from their mobile devices, on location.

HTC Dream – Android Phone Photos

Engadget posted photos from a Chinese forum showing off a T-Mobile branded HTC Dream running Google’s Android mobile operating system. I’ve been looking forward to seeing what Android will do once it hits the market, and it looks like the first device to hit will be pretty impressive. It doesn’t look extremely slim, but it seems comparable to most of the smartphones on the market now. I expect that the physical keyboard will draw some early adopters who haven’t wanted to go the completely touch-screen route. I’m looking forward to seeing the phone in person.

Check out Engadget’s Gallery for more photos and a comparison shot next to other phones.

Via: Engadget