Layout Sketches in Solidworks

I haven’t messed with layout sketches before. I have used standard sketches in an assembly to drive parts, “top-down” modeling, but I have never used blocks in layout sketches to accomplish this. As an industrial designer my modeling approach is typically bottom-up, modeling a full product within a single part file, and breaking it up in to multiple bodies. That approach gets my head turned around if I need to deal with mechanical systems and moving parts, though, so I’d like to try to work some top-down layout sketch techniques in to my brain.

Here are a couple illustrative videos I found this morning while looking things up.


ICANN Allowing Any Domain Ending, For a Price

ICANN has announced that it will allow customers to apply for any ending to their domain name for a fee of $185,000. This means instead of I could host this site at blog.ocell, for $185k. Maybe I’m being cynical, and I’m the last to want to fight progress, but this feels a bit ‘scammy’. I have a couple thoughts on it…

1. This is going to make advertising any site not at one of the currently-standard 22 domain endings difficult. When you see something like printed on a sticker, t-shirt, or bus, you know that punching those characters in your browser will give you a destination. However, throw foodwe.chew on a billboard, and I don’t think the connection is going to be immediately obvious to viewers.

2. It feels a bit like ICANN is just printing money here. $185,000 is not a small amount of money. One angle is that the extremely high registration cost will keep domain squatters from scooping up domain endings for all of the major brands and franchises. However, I don’t think this is going to keep the Fortune 500 from feeling pressured to invest in registering their properties right away. For a company as large as Sony, for example, the domains are numerous. Bravia, Playstation, Cybershot, and on. What an investment a company like GE must be looking at. And now, think of all of this money going to one organization, ICANN, all at once. That’s printing money right there.

And really, how much impact does this have in the current age of Google. I have to admit that I’ve reached a point where I typically search for the site I’m looking for, even if I’m relatively sure of the domain. At least when you want to guess, you can depend on throwing .com or .org on the end of your best guess with some relative assurance that you’re going to get something relevant. Removing that known quantity from behind the last dot feels more like cryptography a marketing opportunity, to me.

Of course, this is just the evolution of the internet. This was an inevitable step. How much longer will domain names even be a relevant part of our connected experience?


My buddy Daniel Evanson told me that Fox has quoted the costs of buying the domains they need at $12 Million.

Read the press release at ICANN.ORG