The Renovo Coupe: Electric American Supercar



What happens when you throw a modern all-electric power train under the skin of a (hopefully replica) Cobra Daytona Coupe? If Renovo Motors is to be believed, 0-60mph in 3.4 seconds thanks to 1,000 ft-lbs of torque and over 500 horsepower.

I’ve been wondering when the resto-mod community would start throwing electric drivetrains in classic cars. The tech isn’t there yet for your average shade tree mechanic or hot rod shop to pull it off, but seeing a project like this gives me hope. Though, the choice of the Cobra shell may be much more pragmatism than aspiration. I’m curious to see how much propriety technology is under the hood. It may be that Renovo needs an exciting package to sell their motor/battery technology, and designing a car from the ground up would be a dangerous way to go about it. We’re all so critical of car design whether we’re seasoned motorheads, journalists, or the most casual driver.


Will Renovo’s next product be another retro-inspired supercar, or will they be looking to apply what they’ve learned to a more consumer and purpose-built platform? That’s exactly the path Tesla took by honing their skills with a roadster that heavily (may be an understatement) leveraged the Lotus Elise parts bin, before unveiling their own designs in the Model S and upcoming Model X.

Maybe Renovo is looking to be acquired by one of the big three, or license their tech to any manufacturer. The business side of my mind expects one of those options to be the case, but the motorhead in me hopes Renovo will become a new name in the supercar game. The dreamer in me hopes they keep with the theme of the coupe, and offer the most current drivetrain technologies under the skins of the most car designs.

Read up on the car at the Renovo Motors website:


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Chris Owens