Brightkite Checking Out of Check-in Game

The application that introduced myself and many others to geo-location apps is bowing out of the game. At the Brightkite Blog the team has announced that they will be removing the check-in, posting, and stream functionality to be vanishing from the site. Brightkite will be reorienting itself as a free text messaging service.

I can’t say I blame them for the move. They have long ago been overshadowed by Foursquare and Gowalla in the location-sharing space, and they are switching things up to become relevant again. I’m not sure that text messaging is going to work, though. Personally, I’ve been using Google Voice for all of my text messaging for quite a while now. Facebook is on the verge of releasing a newly focused messaging system, and already enjoys a healthy install base on mobile phones.

I hope the best for the Brightkite team. I just don’t think text messaging is going to get them there.

Chris Owens