Aweditorium Music Discovery on the iPad

This morning I tried out Aweditorium, a pretty sick music discovery app for the iPad. You start panning over a huge grid of dimmed out artist thumbnails. In the top left you can see dots representing other users, showing you where they are located on the grid in real-time. To start listening to a song, you tab the thumbnail.

Once you’re listening to a song you can view real-time song lyrics, share on Facebook and Twitter, view video interviews, and watch full-screen music videos for the songs. You can always watch Pop-Up-Video style factoids about the artists while you listen. In just a few minutes I had fallen in love with a couple groups I had never heard before.

Aweditorium combines a novel interface with rich media and tons of information about what you’re listening to. It’s a fun and rewarding experience.

Grab it on iTunes

Chris Owens