Android on the HTC Wizard

Today I’m messing around with running Android 1.5 on my old HTC 8125 (Wizard). I don’t have the data network working yet, but I can place a call (but no audio) and send text messages. WiFi is also broken. Whenever the screen should go to sleep, instead of a blank screen, you get scrolled terminal text about the screen sleep function. It’s not practical at all, but it sure is fun.

The Wing Linux project makes it all possible.

Having a semi-functional Android phone in my hands is making me want one though. If even just for a functional Google Voice application (which I can’t get on my iPhone… thanks Apple.)

Chris Owens


  1. My iPhone was stolen in detroit about two weeks ago – I am waiting until 10/11 for the HTC Hero – I am so stoked to get a phone that is not locked down as much as the iPhone is …

  2. I hate to hear about the theft, but I’m also all about the HTC Hero. It really does look like we’re going to see some very strong Android hardware and software updates in the last quarter of this year.

  3. That’s great to see the 8125 is almost usable with Android. I held on to mine just for Android.

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