Polariod 600 Film to Resume Production

barbie-polariodVia: The Independent

Thanks to @RoninVision for posting a link to the article. The Independent is reporting that thanks to Florian Kaps (of Polaniod.net), who now owns the Polaroid factory in Enschede, Amsterdam, there is hope for instant photography fans. With the help of Ilford “The Impossible Project” has started to develop new film that will work in SX-70 and 600 series Polariod cameras. Kaps plans to have both black and white and color versions of film in production by December, when supplies of existing film are expected to run out.

I had hope that this would happen, that someone would take up the task of developing an alternative to the discountinued Polariod film products. Maybe I’ll pick up a SX-70 afterall (I’ve been itching to own one for a while) once these new film prototypes become mass producable.

Chris Owens