The Inside Light – Amazing Portraits

Cinco Design and Chris Hornbecker have teamed up to deliver a set of stunning and powerful portraits of designers and artists in the Portland area. Titled The Inside Light, the set seeks to identify the concept that drives each individual, and communicates it by projecting the concept onto the portrait.

I especially love the “Love” photo of Madgesdiq. The way the word is so crisp in his eyes, as well in the brushed steel casing of the mic… it gives me chills.

I was already day dreaming of having a chance to work at Cinco Design, just based on their product design work. This collaboration with a great photographer to create such a great product makes me value them even more. I’m looking forward to future issues of CO.

Link: http://cincodesign.com/CO/TheInsideLight.html

Thanks for the heads up: Korry Richards

Chris Owens

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