Apple Keeps Ignoring the iPhone’s Bluetooth

Jake Jitchener (aka Kitch) made a twitter post tonight that reminded me of an issue that I brought up back in October of 2007. Apple’s iPhone does nothing to interact with Mac computers through Bluetooth, and has still issued no updates to fix the issue.

I’m not talking about new features that would take time to code, I’m talking about features that already exist in the Mac OS, and work very well with other phones. Address Book on the Mac already has the ability to pair up with a Bluetooth phone to place calls and show CallerID information on-screen. This doesn’t work with the iPhone though, it lacks the required profiles. I’m sure that these profiles could be added with a software update, but I can’t figure out why they weren’t there to begin with. Apple is normally so good at selling a whole solution of products that work together seamlessly, but the iPhone seems to work outside of this philosophy. (For instance, we still can’t sync Notes or To Do’s?) I hope Apple gets its act together with the 2.0 firmware update.

You can buy software (BluePhoneElite 2 by Mira Software) to at least use your Mac as a headset for your iPhone, very handy if you keep your phone docked at your desk. BPE2 is $25.

Chris Owens


  1. Thanks for all of the suggestions tonight. I tried our BPE2 with very little success. I did get my iPhone to pair with my mac and then it even was able to dial numbers out! However, it never worked for audio and thus wasn’t of much use. Reading on the forums at BPE it looks like it’s a roll of the dice proposition to get things working with your iPhone. I may try again when I’m not so exhausted.

  2. Sure thing Kitch. Unfortunately my experiences with BPE2 were the same… I could receive a call, CallerID and sound worked! But I could not place a call and get sound working. Now it’s even more frustrating that the iPhone won’t work with a program that uses a basic headset profile.

  3. yeah. not to mention a lack of Bluetooth 2.0 +EDr and A2DP for bluetooth headphone and wireless remote support. disappointing apple.

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