MyMileMarker Domain Issues

Right now, if you go to mymilemarker.com to update your fuel mileage info, you’ll be greeted by a ad-filled spam page (Thanks to NightOwl for the heads up.) I was crushed, cause I’ve switched my mileage tracking over to M3 completely. Thankfully, I did some digging and found this post on the M3 Twitter account, mymm.

Gah, domain issues!! Use http://m3.sidebarcreative.com/ until they’re resolved, which should be soon.

Chris Owens

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  1. Thanks for helping to spread the word (and the temporary URL) – the original registrar for the domain screwed up and gave it away without permission or notice, and we’ve spent the last few days getting it back under our control.

    DNS caching notwithstanding, the domain should be working properly again already.

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