Klein Bottle – Beautiful Home


McBride Charles Ryan has designed a uniquely beautiful house. Yanko Design Blog has a writeup about it:

Anyway you look at this mind blowing wonder of math and the space-time continuum, the Klein Bottle House by architects McBride Charles Ryan, is stunning. For us right-brain thinkers; in Mathematics, the “Klein Bottle” is a non-orientable surface, i.e., a surface (a two-dimensionaltopological space) with no distinction between the “inside” and “outside” surfaces. That being said and hopefully understood, this vacation home located just a few clicks outside Melbourne, Australia beautifully reflects a deep desire to mess with both sides of our brains. By constantly challenging our sense of perception, depth, linear orientation, interior/exterior space and pretty much any notion of what a dwelling should look like, the architects have successfully created a space that is surprisingly inviting and warm.

I especially like how the energy of the home matches the personality of the surround landscape and vegetation.



Via: Yanko Design

Chris Owens


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