Over the Air Lyrics for iPhone/Touch

Mobile OS X software development continues to impress me. These developers are doing some really amazing things with absolutely no support from Apple. iPhoneDave posted on Hackint0sh.com about the Lyrics application, a Japanese developed app that searches for lyrics to songs playing on the iPhone/Touch in real time. If it finds lyrics it displays them in real time, and saves them to a local library on the device. The application current pulls from three sites: KashiGet, Utamap, and Sing365.com. I’m not sure how difficult it is to expand the search to more sites, but hopefully the list will grow.

Lyrics on the iPhone

The application also has the ability to tie into a Mac Desktop Dashboard widget, but I haven’t investigated that functionality at all. I’m happy with using the application over-the-air on my iPhone. Check out the Google Code Project Page and the Hackint0sh thread for more information and installation instructions (some terminal commands need to be run before the application will run).

Chris Owens