iPhone My Location – Dead

My Location DeadThat was fun while it lasted… the author stepped in to explain why the installer source for My Location wasn’t working anymore. From the Hackint0sh thread:

“Bad news, I’m afraid.

We have been requested by Google to remove access from the iPhone app to their web cell id service. The app is therefore suspended for now.”

It’s a shame that they’ve killed off such a useful application. Hopefully this means that an official update is around the corner for the iPhone.

Chris Owens


  1. It was awesome while it last…. too bad, hope they add this in firmware 1.1.3 but then again, it is kind of bad as upgrading to this means waiting for a jailbreak again and spending a lot of time rehacking the phone…

    I hope someone can extract the new google map out from 1.1.3 so that we can install it on 1.1.2 when it is released…

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