iMatrix – QR Codes for the iPhone and Touch

iMatrix on the iPhone

iMatrix is an iPhone/Touch native application + web application that adds QR Code reading/logging to the iPhone. QR Codes can dump data into Safari, Contacts, Google Maps, Calendar, Notes, or even initiate e-mails and phone calls. I know Asian phones have had this for quite a while, it would be great to see it grow in the US.Check out the official website for much more information.

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Chris Owens


  1. Looked for this in the app store, only to find two games based on the movie “The Matrix”. So where is this QR scanner to be found?

  2. Ruben, this was posted back in 2007 before the app store existed. iMatrix was found in Installer.app with a jailbreak. I’m not sure what the best QR Code reader is now in the app store, but I’m sure that searching for “QR Code” in iTunes will give you a few results to try out.

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