Wired – Birth of a Gadget: Multimedia Tour

FreeAgent Pro Wired presents this image tour of Frog Design‘s process. It’s a great look into the workings of a big-time design firm. It’s also great to see Industrial Design getting some more main-stream media exposure.

Gadgets aren’t immaculately conceived, in spite of what seems like lightning-speed development. That new gizmo you’ll love (or hate) for a few months before discarding received countless hours of attention and forethought from a sizable team of designers, engineers and researchers. Long before most products hit the retail shelf, a company’s design team or an outside design consultancy spends maybe a year on them, usually in complete secrecy.

Wired News peeks into product design with Frog Design, a Palo Alto, California, consultancy responsible for such hits as Sony’s first Trinitron and the case for the portable Apple IIc. The first six slides take you from the discovery phases to the final working prototype. The final five look at the machines and material used in the process.

Birth of a Gadget: Inside the Industrial Design Process

Chris Owens