Rhino Under Development for OS X

Rhino LogoOne of my most used and favorite 3D modeling programs, Rhino, has been a Windows only deal, so I run a Windows machine next to my iMac, or have to use Bootcamp or Parallels.

Today Ashley showed me (thanks!) that Rhino is under development for Mac OS X! It is currently in private beta, and will become a public beta at some point in the next year. The retail release is over a year away. I’m excited to have such a powerful and widely-used 2D/3D CAD package become native on the Mac. You can get much more information, as well as sign up for the beta, at www.irhino3d.com.

I really try not to be a ‘fanboy’. I use many operating systems and appreciate each for what they do well… but the more work I can do on a single platform, the happier I am.

Chris Owens