Opera Mini 4 Out

Opera MiniAnyone with a data plan on their cell phone, and the ability to run Java programs, should be using Opera Mini 4 for web browsing. I was using Opera Mini 1 and 2 betas when I used my Treo 650, and it was killer. Now version 4 is out with a ton of new features, and it’s free. Head over to http://www.operamini.com/ in your phone’s current browser and things should install smoothly.

Opera Mini uses the same rendering engine as the desktop version of Opera, so you will get to see websites as they are on your desktop, but with zoom ability (much like Safari on the iPhone/Touch) so you can still navigate on your phone’s smaller screen.

I know that in the past, Windows Mobile’s Java implementation has been pretty shoddy, so unless things have changed Windows Mobile users are best sticking with PocketIE or the much more powerful Opera for Windows Mobile. However, if you’re using PalmOS or another phone with Java, grab Opera Mini right away!

Here’s a note on who can use it:

Opera Mini is available to all Sprint and Cingular customers. Availability for T-Mobile customers is dependent on the subscription plan. BREW-enabled phones, including Verizon, are currently not supported.

– Thanks for the heads up Ben

However, Verizon Treo users are not out of luck (or any other Treo user for that matter). First, make sure you have IBM Java for the Treo installed, then you can grab the prc for Opera Mini and Hotsync or Bluetooth it to install it.

Via: Download Squad

Chris Owens