Airtight Interactive LogoAirtight Interactive, responsible for the amazing SimpleViewer have launched a new online image viewer that really pushes the threshold. The flash-based TiltViewer takes the concept of SimpleViewer into the third dimension. Rather than waste time trying to explain it, I’d rather you just check it out.

Here’s my photography portfolio in TiltViewer, hosted on Flickr. 

For $95 you can get TiltViewer Pro that will remove branding and let you customize the application. $95 feels a little steep to me when solutions like Slieshow Pro are out there for $20, so hopefully the price will come down with time.

Chris Owens

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  1. Your photography is fantastic and really lends itself to the tiltviewer format. My site offers musicians and artists a place to host their work for free and promote themselves. So far it is just my art and 3 musicians. I’d love to add your work in the same format as you show it there with links to your site and of course full credit to you. The ability to sell your work (such as framed prints) without you having to lift a finger, is coming shortly. Let me know if you’d like to talk more.

    Marks last blog post..Lovey’s Portfolio

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