Stream music from iPhone/iPod touch to iTunes

iPhone to iTunes

“Bring your music with you and play it back for friends on their AV equipment. iPhone Firefly serves your entire library back to any iTunes installation. Stream off your iPod touch or iPhone to quality audio speakers. This is the exact opposite of dot.Tunes. The music comes from the iPhone *to* your computer.”I had been wanting to figure out how to write something that would index my media folder into an HTML page served by iPhone’s version of Apache, but it was way over my head. Now Mike Ter Louw has gone beyond anything I wanted to do, and has created a setup that will actually stream music from the iPhone to iTunes with Bonjour. Sick!

You can see in action on my computer in the image at the top of the post. Head over to Erica’s post on instructions on how to get a hold of the software.
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Chris Owens