Remote Wrangler – Reduce Clutter and Social Life

Remote Wrangler

I’ve got quite an overload of remote controls in my living room, so I’m always on the look out for a solution (and am so close to pulling the trigger on one). But… I think my prayers may have been answered with the Remote Wrangler! The Remote Wrangler lets you keep your existing collection of remotes, and utilizes storage space that we all have with us at all times… our heads!

To quote the product description:

The Multimedia Remote Control Wrangler (aka Remote Wrangler) has taken a novel approach to remote control storage that will be sure to take the world by storm, head first. It will certainly win the hearts (and heads) of those frustrated consumers who have had enough and are ready to regain control over their lives and remote controls. No more digging under seat cushions through Cheetos and Fig Newton crumbs searching for the remote you had just 5 minutes ago. All your controls are now only a head scratch away.

Just attach a Velcro patch to the back of each of your remotes, and stick them right to your noggin. And if you think it can’t get any better, you’re wrong! Th Remote Wrangler also features a “surprisingly quiet and effective battery powered and remote controlled temporal massager.”

All of this time, I was looking for a new remote to solve my problems, but it turns out that all I needed to do was use my head!


This was posted over at and I really can’t tell if it was posted as a joke or if someone actually thinks that this is a good idea. I have to give them credit for a decent rendering, they certainly put some time into it.

Found via. while searching for reference images for a remote control design project.

Chris Owens