Official Gmail Blog: More Gmail storage coming for all

Official Gmail Blog: More Gmail storage coming for all

In April 2005, we started increasing Gmail storage as part of our “Infinity+1” storage plan. At that time, we realized we’d never reach infinity, but we promised to keep giving Gmail users more space as we were able. That said, a few of you are using Gmail so much that you’re running out of space, so to make good on our promise, today we’re announcing we are speeding up our counter and giving out more free storage.

I’m hovering around 50% of my own gmail account, but I’ve been making a point to clean it up every now and then to try and keep from getting much higher than that. This space increase is going to be extremely nice!

Chris Owens

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  1. Such great news!

    I’ve been sitting at about 50% for the past year or so. I just checked and I’m at 52% of 3098 MB – it’s definitely sped up. I remember for the longest time waiting for it to reach 3 GB.

    I love the idea behind gmail – that you can save everything and not worry about space, and it’s all searchable.

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