MyMileMarker.com: Fuel Economy On The Go

MyMileMarker Gas Pump Graphic

[Note 04/08/08: Due to some domain issues, MyMileMarker can currently be  used at http://m3.sidebarcreative.com/ , www.mymilemarker.com does not work right now.]

Thanks to a post over at Eloquation.com I have discovered MyMileMarker.com. This site lets you add vehicles, and then add data whenever you fill up at the gas station. Once you enter in a few data points, you can see reports on your vehicle’s fuel economy and cost to drive. The site even appears to project your expected mileage and economy into the future.

I started using jMileage several years ago on my PalmOS PDAs, and had over three years of data on two different cars… so I am completely addicted and ingrained with the concept of tracking vehicle fuel economy. Switching to Windows Mobile, and now the iPhone, I never found a program that did the job as simply and efficiently as jMileage. I think MyMileMarker may be the perfect replacement (web)app for me.

MyMileMarker provides a mobile interface to the site at www.mymilemarker.com/m that loads great on any mobile browser. They’ve gone the extra mile though, and offer Twitter integration. You add mymm to your friends, and then you can throw log information at your account through Twitter, meaning you can use e-mail/SMS/Mobile Twitter, or many other Twitter posting options.

There are several benefits to tracking your fuel mileage. Besides showing you how much money you sink into fueling your car, you can also keep tabs on your mechanics. If your mileage drops significantly, it’s a nice heads-up that something isn’t right. I’m looking forward to having a clear view of my car’s performance again, and this time it is completely independent of the mobile platform I want to run. You’ve got to love web apps.

Via: Eloquation: Four Things Your Web App Needs to Remember

Chris Owens


  1. I can’t believe you posted this today. This is something I was just thinking about how neat a website this would be not but an hour ago when I was filling up!

    Weird … but thanks!

    beebo’s last blog post..Spun

  2. And now it’s gone! The web site is redirected to a generic parking site.

    Looking at the whois, there was a change made today (4/7/08), which is 2 days past the anniversary of the original registration. Maybe this si simply a hijack attempt within the grace period and it can come back…

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