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I was just talking about how I couldn’t get QuickSynergy to work in Leopard. Thankfully, I did a little digging and quickly found a solution. Using SynergyKM I have Synergy running between Leopard and XP Pro with no problems. SynergyKM looks a lot more mature than QuickSynergy, and is probably the software package I should have been using all along.

At any rate, I’m happy now!

Chris Owens


  1. Weird. I just installed Leopard and am having trouble with SynergyKM (going from an Intel iMac running 10.5 to a G4 tower running 10.4.10).

    (Found this via google)

    James Welborn’s last blog post..Happy Halloween!

  2. That’s interesting James. I’m getting a lot of Google traffic from people searching for Leopard SynergyKM, so I’m guessing that you’re not alone. I did download the latest copy of SynergyKM and installed it after I had installed Leopard… maybe they’ve updated the program for Leopard? I wish I could be help here…

  3. Thanks for the mention of SynergyKM, works like a champ for me on Leopard.

  4. I have used it for a long time — but the leopard update seems to have kinked the bonjour feature.

    I have no problem with my MBP and a tower at work with hard IPs but at home I typically use Bonjour and it’s just ‘looking for peers’.

  5. I can’t seem to get SynergyKM working on Leopard either (that is, connecting a MBP with a Mac Mini both running Leopard). Has anyone managed to work out why it works for some? Is it possible that it works from Mac to Windows but not Mac to Mac?

  6. SynergyKM-Beta6 worked for me by just double-clicking the prefPane to install. I added the server computer (a Linux box running synergys 1.3.1 on an old FC3 Linux. The client is a MacBook Pro 15″ running 10.5.1 and fully patched.

  7. I’m currently running SynergyKM on my Leopard Powerbook G4 Titanium to connect with my Windows XP Pro PC Desktop and I’ve had zero problems. Works like a charm.

  8. I found that turning off Bonjour support on the Synergy PrefPane allowed me to share my keyboard and mouse without problems. I guess it does have something to do with the Leopard upgrade.

    Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.2

  9. Having problems connecting my mac (leopard) to server windows xp (running synergy). saying connection refused. the port is open on the windows firewall, host file is modified to accept host name to ip. Any ideas???? Thanks.

  10. I have the same problem with SynergyKM as RJ reported, of ‘connection refused’ using the default Synergy 1.3.1 port 24800 on my MacBook Leopard 10.5.6 as a Host and a Win Xp sp3 as a client. I tried everything and no luck yet… Tks !

  11. Thanks! QuickSynergy was crashing on me on launch.

    SynergyKM, however, appears to be running beautifully on my new MBP running 10.5.7

  12. For Mac to Mac (Specifically: 15″ Macbook Pro – Older iMacG5)

    The way I figured it out, at least when it was messing up for me, I had to make sure I had both computers set up under server configuration on the computer that I wanted to share. You have to enter both computer’s NetBIOS Name, which you can find under Settings/Network/Advanced/WINS

  13. Running Snow Leopard 10.6.1 and Just installed SynergyKM to use as a client. ERROR: Server Refused Client Name “my-macbook”

    I’m running the server on a Linux Machine (CentOS 5) with a windows (XP) machine for over 2 years now with no problems. Now I wanted to add my Mac to the mix and it’s not working. I have tried IP’s Hostnames in the synergys.conf file on my Linux box and still no luck.

    Is this a bug or a configuration problem?

    In the Logs I see it connects and then does the refuse.

    Thanks for anything in advance,

  14. Yup, turning Bonjour off on both client and server helped connecting Leopard with Snow Leopard.

  15. STUPID Bonjour!!!! That was it! Turn that stupid thing off and it will work just fine.
    Thanks guys…gals… whatever you are!

  16. Another Thanks for the tip to uncheck Bonjour. After doing so, I can now connect my Powermac (Leopard) to my Macbook-Pro(Snow Leopard) with SynergyKM.

    SynergyKM Synergy Connection Refused Leopard to Snow Leopard uncheck Bonjour on both hosts

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