iPhone has no Mac Bluetooth Love

HTC 8125I had a slick setup with my Windows Mobile 5 HTC 8125 cell phone and my iMac. Using Salling Clicker’s bluetooth proximity detection features, I could lock/unlock my computer by walking up to it with my phone. If I got a phone call, iTunes would fade out and pause while the CallerID information was displayed in a transparent overlay on my iMac’s screen.

You don’t need Salling Clicker to get some cool cell phone on Mac love… by pairing a cell phone to a mac using the built in Bluetooth Device manager, you get on-screen callerID notifications, as well as the ability to dial using your address book. Really slick.

None of this works on the iPhone.

iPhone SmallApple’s own cell phone doesn’t integrate with OSX’s built in cell phone features. Seriously? It’s sad that my Windows Mobile phone plays perfectly with my iMac/Powerbook and the iPhone can’t. Apple has left out quite a few Bluetooth profiles from the iPhone, including serial (so no BT GPS). This is something I’d expect in a Verizon phone, but not Apple’s flagship phone on the AT&T network.

I know, no one held a gun to my head and made me buy this phone. I’m enjoying the thing. But, there is a ton of room for Apple to step up its game and make this thing into what it could be. We’re starting to see signs that a lot of iPhone features are going to be unlocked/added with the release of OS 10.5 Leopard. Leopard should be released any day now… so I’ve got my fingers crossed that Phone/Computer integration will become what it should be. I guess it’s another tool for Apple to convince people to pay for the 10.5 upgrade.

Chris Owens


  1. thanks for telling us that information if it wasnt for you no one would no!!!!

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