Gmail Gets IMAP!

Wayne Sutton brought this to my attention on his blog with a screen shot of IMAP options in Gmail. Does this mean I can finally quit deleting messages twice, once on my phone and once in Gmail? Does this mean my Mail.app on my iPhone will actually tell me the true number of messages in my inbox? I think so!

Here’s the iPhone/Touch specific setup instructions for the new IMAP Gmail. It’s pretty ironic that now, to set up Gmail on an iPhone, you select other instead of Gmail in the setup wizard.

This has great implications for users of all mail clients, desktop (Thunderbird, Mail.app) and mobile (Mobile Outlook) alike. I don’t mean to be so iPhone focused, but it’s where IMAP Gmail is going to have the most impact for me personally.

It’s not showing up in my options yet, but hopefully it won’t be too long before it does.

Via: Wayne Sutton – w4 Network and Download Squad

Chris Owens

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