Bill McDonough (Cradle to Cradle) in NPR Interview

Dick Gordon interviewed Bill McDonough on The Story today. I caught about 1/4th of it while I was in the car today. What I caught was really excellent. Thankfully, WUNC archives shows of The Story, and you can download them as MP3 files.

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William McDonough has been designing for environmental sustainability since he was a college student – long before the environmental movement had coined the term “green design.” He has put grass on the roofs of corporate headquarters and consulted with the Chinese government. But what motivates him goes back even further – to experiences he had as a child in China and the United States.

Bill’s father worked internationally. When Bill was living in Hong Kong, he saw extreme suffering and scarcity. In the U.S., he saw extreme abundance and waste. Bill is now devoted to overturning those extremes – challenging fundamental notions about how we use the planet’s resources and re-invent them for the future.

He talks with Dick about his first encounter with Michael Braungart, his closest collaborator and friend, and the wild ideas the two have thought up together.

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Chris Owens