Xbox 360 Warranty Retroactively Expanded to 3 Years

Microsoft announced today that it is expanding its Xbox 360 warranty to three years for any customer who experiences the three flashing red lights error message that indicates hardware failure. All repairs will be made free of charge for three years from the time of purchase, including shipping expenses. Anybody who previously has paid for their consoles to be repaired related to three red light error message will be retroactively reimbursed. Other existing Xbox 360 warranties remain unchanged.

First the warranty was 3 months, then under pressure Microsoft expanded it to 1 year. Now three years… There’s obviously a serious problem. I have a replacement being shipped to me right now because of RedRing, so I’m ecstatic to hear that Microsoft is doing something about this. This quote from IGN is what especially interests me:

The company is making the move as a result of what the company views as “an unacceptable number of repairs to Xbox 360 consoles.” Microsoft claims that it has identified a number of factors that cause the three flashing red lights error message and has made improvements to the console.

I’m just hoping that the replacement that was sent to me has been equipped with these improvements!

Via: IGN

Chris Owens