HTC Touch

With the announcement of the iPhone, I haven’t been looking forward to the iPhone itself as much as I have been looking forward to the industry’s reaction to it. Apple’s attention to user interface will be a great shot in the arm for the cellphone market. The hype around the iPhone has shown that user interface is a huge factor to the customer.

The response is already happening. Today HTC brought something very exciting to the table… the HTC Touch. With the Touch, HTC has built a new user interface on top of Windows Mobile 6. It uses a lot of the same finger swiping controls that you see on the iPhone. I think these gesture based displays will become the norm on our devices.

You can see some videos of the interface in action in this article:

The official site is here:

More info at

The Touch is on sale now in London, but doesn’t seem to have the frequency band needed to be used in the US. I hope a US version will be launched soon, for those of us on the west side of the “pond”.

Via: Slashdot

Chris Owens