"Why do you care about RSS?"

Download Squad has posted great article talking about what RSS is, and why you should care.

We don’t visit CNN once or twice a day to keep up with instant news anymore; rather, it’s accomplished using RSS feeds effectively. RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is the brainchild of Dave Winer, (and maybe others), who claims it was never invented .

Simply, RSS is digital content (words, mostly, but audio and video, too) that picks up the new posts (by bloggers, news organizations, and more) and with a feedreader (like Google’s Reader with its famous j, j, j keys – see more choices below), you can see which sites have updated content. With Google, you browse to the page and once you set it up with your favorite feeds, you can read new stuff from a computer, PDA, or smartphone. Once it’s working, you, too, can enjoy breaking news if you look at it once in a while (which is one reason I have 3 monitors). There’s a reader for every operating system, PC, Mac, PDA and smartphones included.

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RSS and related XML technologies have already changed the way the web works behind the scenes, and it can also change the way you use it as an individual. I highly recommend that you give the article a read, because the information within will help you keep more informed and up to date with what’s important to you, in much less time.


Chris Owens