Photoshop CS3

CS3, where have you been all my life? I’ve got the CS3 beta running on both my Intel iMac and my G4 Powerbook. It is snappier than CS2 was on my Powerbook, but it completely screams on my iMac! We have needed this for so long, great to see that it is being delivered.

The speed boost is great, but I’m even more excited about the features being added. Particularly, the greatly improved Bridge application. It also looks like Camera RAW has borrowed a lot of the controls that Rawshooter brought to the table when Adobe bought the technology from Pixmantec. I couldn’t be happier, because I used Rawshooter for a long time when my main photo editing machine was a Windows box. I’m also very excited about applying filters as adjustment layers through the “smart filters” function. That is going to completely change the way we use filters in Photoshop.

I can’t wait for CS3’s full release to come out. Great things are ahead for sure.

Chris Owens